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Hydrate to Boost Your Immune System

Summer has arrived! Is your immune system ready?

We’re in week 3 of our immune health and science daily webinar series. And since we have now hit 90 degrees in KC, this seems like the right time to get you informed on the importance of hydration in immune health.

We all know we need to hit the H2O harder when it’s hot.

But did you know that water also helps protect you from injury and infection?

Your immune system relies heavily on water to transport signals throughout the body, letting your brain know that there is a problem – a strained muscle, an intruding virus, etc. Then it uses water to send out the warrior cells and repairing cells to tackle that problem.

When you’re dehydrated, those signals and cells get stuck in one spot, like fish in a dried up creek.

As we head into summer, you’ll probably be getting more exercise and vitamin D, which is great for your immune system, but how much water does your body need to maintain great immune function?

Check out today’s brief video on the power of hydration to find out.

Stay cool out there today everyone!

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