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Mills Chiropractic & Wellness Center Reviews

At Mills Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we know it’s important to see what others are saying about Dr. Mills. Take a look at what our patients are saying about our chiropractic care in Olathe community.

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Dr. Mills Goes Above and Beyond!

Everyone at Mills Chiropractic is so welcoming and caring which creates such a warm environment. Dr. Mills takes the time at the consult to do a thorough dive into any/all concerns and really makes you feel heard. Additionally, I was SO pleasantly surprised at my follow-up with the time Dr. Mills took to compile all kinds of research/resources into handouts for me. This is invaluable information regarding the symptoms I’ve been feeling in addition to individualized plans for stretches/exercises, lifestyle tips, and in-office treatments. This is just one of many reasons why I know Dr. Mills goes above and beyond by offering treatments both in his office as well as things that you can incorporate on your own into your everyday life to see improvements. Mills Chiropractic truly wants the best for each and every patient!

– Allayna –

I Believe in Chiropractic!

Brenda is like family already and so courteous. Katie is like a sister with a wealth of knowledge and Dr. Mills has worked a miracle and healed my neck pain in less than a week’s time. I’m kissing my other practitioner goodbye! I believe in chiropractic!

– Dana –

Moving in the Right Direction

I was fortunate to have a friend at church whom highly recommended Dr. Jere Mills. This was the first time I had visited a Chiropractor, but the pain in my neck, shoulders, lower back and right heel were becoming unbearable. Dr. Mills’ staff made it easy to set-up an appointment for the following day. Dr. Mills listened to all of my pain complaints, and provided thorough answers to my questions. I was pleased with the documentation outlining the treatment options. In addition to the Chiropractic treatment, Dr. Mills provides very good counsel for your general health and well-being. I am moving in the right direction to a more pain free life. Did I mention that Dr. Mills’ staff are very helpful and caring also?

– Richard –

Pain Free 95% of the Time

My name is Tony, I am 29 years old and I live in Olathe. My first time visiting Dr. Mills was in early December 2005. I work in construction and met Dr. Mills at a gym. I first hurt my back after falling off of a ladder. I was in pain when I started care. I had lower back pain after standing for long periods, working and working out. I also had neck pain that bothered me during work and while working out. I had been seeing Dr. Mills for about a month before seeing improvement. I can now lift things. I am more comfortable sitting and standing. I feel less pain in general, which makes for a more comfortable life. I feel pain free 95% of the time. Dr. Mills has given me the ability to be active without pain, aches or stiffness.

– Tony –

Hope for My Future

My Name is Tammy and I am self employed. I met Dr. Mills through another doctor. I first started having problems when I was 13. I had back pain and headaches. I had tried just about everything else, with no results. I was barely able to survive without wanting to die. I missed school days and work later on. After starting care under Dr. Mills, I improved within 6 weeks. His adjustments have been much more effective than other previous doctors I have seen. Dr. Mills diagnosed my food allergies and emotional issues which have brought about the most dramatic changes in my body through supplements, adjustments and stretches. The benefits received through Dr. Mill’s care have been like an all consuming light has burst onto my body and brain to expose all the pain and misery. I’ve been suffering since the age of 13. I have hope for my future for the first time!

– Tammy –

Toddler’s Much Healthier

My name is Shannon. I have two sons, our youngest, Braden is 2 1/2. Braden has been sick since he was 3 months old. He was getting 1 to 2 head colds and ear infections a month. He would be healthy for 5 to 10 days before getting sick again. He always had thick yellow snot coming out of his nose. He didn’t sleep well and was just miserable. Before coming to see Dr. Mills, Braden was taking antibiotics and OTC medicine. Nothing worked, and my husband and I were getting desperate. Immediately after being under Dr. Mills care we saw improvement. He was well for 7 weeks during the cold and flu season before big brother brought home a bug. Braden is a totally different kid when he is healthy. He is happy and energetic. We love having him healthy. He has been relieved of pain, and so have mom and dad! Braden is much healthier, and even his first cold since being under Dr. Mills’ care was much lighter. He volume of snot is probably half of what it was for past colds. Dr. Mills has changed our lives. We have a happy and healthy toddler. We know that kids will get illnesses, but he hasn’t been getting them as often or as bad.

– Shannon –

Help with Neck, Shoulder, & Arm Pain

I was referred to Dr. Mills by a friend. I have been under care for 3 months now. My neck and shoulder pain started 2 years ago, due to a car accident. The pain was radiating to my left arm and fingers. I have used pain killers and muscle relaxants and obtained 2 epidural shots, in the past, which provided relief for a short period of time. Yet, being in pain and having poor health, has caused me to lose time from work. After starting care with Dr. Mills, it took 3-4 sessions, for my health to start improving and currently I have no pain in the neck, shoulder and left arm. I do notice that stress causes the pain to come back. Yet, I have more mobility.

– Mojgan –

Nightime Pain Eased

I first started having lower back pain and pain on my sides, in August of 2011. The pain was more intense at night when I turned over while sleeping. The pain would wake me up. I had a difficulty getting a good night’s sleep and getting up from bed was also painful. I started care with Dr. Mills about 2 months ago (December 2011), after being referred by a friend. Within the first week of care I could turn over in my sleep without pain. I started to get a good night rest and getting up from bed has been much easier, though I still experience some pain. Yet, I know my back and hip is moving back into alignment and I feel less pain. I know am improving because I am able to move easier.

– Melodie –

I Avoided Surgery!

My name is Donna and I am an office manager at a surgeons office. I met Dr. Mills through a friend. I had two issues, one was a cyst on my left wrist. Dr. Mills did 3 sessions of acupuncture and it is all but gone. The pain is gone too! I was and am still amazed at how it worked. My second issue was a pinched nerve in my low back that I hadn’t been able to find any relief from. I felt doomed. My mom has had major back surgery and has 1/3rd of her back fused with rods. I do not think that surgery is the only treatment. I kept searching for other treatments and I found it!. It took some time – a few weeks – but the nagging pain is gone! No surgery or pills! I honestly did not know if it would work but IT DID!

– Donna –

Pain Relief with Chiropractic

My Mutual of Omaha agent referred me to Dr. Mills, because of the pain I have due to the various accidents that I have had in the past 10 years. I have experienced pain in my neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, wrists, hips, legs and rotator cuff. I have also had both of my hips replaced and my left heel replaced. I have treated my pain with various medications and shots as well surgery, surgery for my rotator cuff, gall bladder, prostate, both legs, both wrists and my left elbow. The results from the previous methods that I have tried have only provided temporary relief and yet, I still I lost time from work and have been disabled for 10 + years. It was only after one week of being under care with Dr. Mills that my health started to improve. I also lost weight, after having gained 60 pounds from having the injuries. All areas have shown improvement; I have obtained relief in my neck, back, arms and legs.

– Craig –

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