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Chirocares 2020 Banner


Mills Chiropractic & Wellness Center is proud to announce our participation
in the national #ChiroCares2020 campaign starting May 19th!

The purpose of the campaign is to support local communities in the struggle through coronavirus,
specifically in the area of hunger, as job loss and food insecurity surges while food accessibility declines.

Local Hunger Data:

  • Before COVID-19, the state of Kansas had as 13.8% Food Insecurity Rate, with another 18% of people classified as in Food Hardship ie. at high risk of becoming Food Insecure. That’s almost 1/3 of our state struggling to put food on the table (let alone good healthy food) before COVID-19. Source
  • Before COVID-19, Johnson County had a 10.2% Food Insecurity Rate (almost 59,000 people). Source
  • KC Harvesters serves 26 counties in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. Harvesters predicts community food needs to increase by as much as 64% throughout the course of the pandemic.
  • Even before COVID-19, 17% or one in six of all children in the KC Harvesters service area were food insecure. Source
  • The Olathe Community Food Pantry (a branch of Mission Southside) serves over 3000 families right next door. Before COVID-19, they had robust grocery deliver programs to apartment complexes and other food insecure communities in our city, as well as a kids weekend backpack meals program. Even though they are a smaller organization, they are continuing to provide these programs to our neighbors throughout the pandemic.
  • While giving actual food items is important, the impact of a monetary donation can be even greater. Food pantries have agreements with food producers/distributors across the country. So they get a lot more with $10 in their partnerships than we can get for $10 at the grocery store. Before COVID-19, food pantries used these partnerships plus physical food donations to support our communities, but now with drastically reduced food donations coming in, they are having to focus on buying food. Your donation is critical at this time.

We are on board! Want to join us in helping to feed the hungry?

Donate Nationally to Feeding America »

Donate Regionally to Harvesters »
Donate Locally to Mission Southside »

Questions? Contact us today! (913) 764-5900

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