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Your Brain on Tech: Smarter or Hungrier?

Does screen time make you smarter or hungrier? Or both?

How bout this one…

Do your kids act more or less like animals after playing video games?

Some basic brain science will help us understand the answers to these questions.

It’s the third day of our series on how screen time affects our brains and bodies, and today, we’re dipping our toes into the field of neuroscience.

Without getting too complex, you’ll learn about two major regions of the brain and how they are affected by technology.

You’ll hopefully be able to see in real life the effects we’re talking about by the end of the video.

Learn something today over your lunch hour or commute home, when you check out today’s 6 minute video on your brain on technology.

Tomorrow, we’ll be building on today’s info with a quick video on dopamine and tech addiction in our kids (and ourselves).

Catch you on the flip side!

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