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What is Stress?

Stress is defined as anything that causes adaptation or change, but change isn’t always a bad thing. When we exercise, our muscles are stressed, which helps to make them stronger. So, how can you tell the difference between good stress and bad stress?

Stress becomes a problem for the body when the ability to adapt to a specific change is in adequate.

For humans, this can be advantageous to understand! When we anticipate stressful times, consider thinking about your own health as a bucket. Once the bucket is full of ‘stressors’, we know that we can’t handle anymore, and anything else added to the bucket will cause distress and damage.

This begs the question—how big is your bucket, and how full is it?

Relax This Holiday Season

With the holiday’s often come stress. Remember to take a few moments to breathe and enjoy the small things that the season brings—enjoy time with family, good food and be thankful for this life.

Keep stress low by managing your time well, setting attainable goals, keeping a schedule and writing out lists to clear space in your head.

We hope you have a wonderful, stress free holiday season and we hope to see you in our practice in 2019.

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