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Supplements To Boost Your Immune System

I answer questions about this topic every single day in the office, especially these days.

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This is the last week of our immune system webinar series, and maybe you’ve been surprised that I haven’t addressed this topic yet. But I intentionally waited to do it near the end to emphasize that supplements are meant to *supplement* a healthy lifestyle like outlined in the previous videos.

No matter how many you can choke down…

…no matter how high the quality…

…supplements will never be enough to replace the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

That being said, they can be extremely helpful in optimizing ones health and well being in situations where we are unable to get enough of something or it is difficult/impractical to do so, or if our bodies are facing a challenge that we need to strengthen ourselves against.

As COVID-19 concerns continue through 2020 and 2021, many have been asking which supplements can be most helpful.

Get my list of best supplements to boost your immune system in today’s video here:

Finding high quality supplements is critical, but can be exasperating, especially at the consumer level.

Oftentimes, you are left to trial and error different brands and waste your money in the process, or to plunge yourself into the dizzying world of research and waste your time in the process.

I truly believe that consumers deserve better than that.

And that’s really why I offer supplements in office.

I don’t push product, I just know that you get vastly better outcomes when you have access to a product that actually does the job.

So I draw on my expertise in research to personally vet every single product. And I leverage my practitioner access to different brands to offer products from a variety of companies. And when I or my family need a supplement, I get it off our shelf.

If you have run out of or have stopped taking your supplements during the stress of the pandemic, I want to encourage you to get back into routine and give your body the fuel it needs to be as healthy as it can be.

If you aren’t sure what you should be taking, give me a call for a phone consult, or ask me at your next appointment.

If you want to order supplements, just call or email the office with your order and we can arrange a curb-side pick up.

Stay well out there everyone!

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