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Screens vs. Your (kid's) Brain: New Series Announcement

If your grandma ever told you to turn off “the idiot box” because it would “turn your brain to mush,” she might have been on to something.

Screens are not inherently evil, but they do affect us.

Especially since they’re, you know…everywhere. And in this COVID reality, our lives revolve around screen time now more than ever.

…Grandma would be horrified. But maybe she had a point.

Do you really know what all that screen time is doing to your brain and body?

Or to your kids’ brains and bodies as they do their online school this semester?

Researchers are calling it “Digital Dementia.”

…and yes, it sounds ominous for a reason.

BUT, they’ve also come out with some solutions and strategies to combat the effects of screen time, and as the school year starts up, it’s a critical time for your family to benefit from those strategies.

That’s why I’m starting up a new video series on digital dementia, sharing with you everything I’ve learned since I attended a global summit on the topic a couple years ago.

In a brief video each day during the month of September, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand how screens can make you fat, sick, and stressed
  • Combat tech-induced dopamine addiction
  • Identify warning signs of tech-related problems
  • Work with your changing brain
  • Apply practical solutions for “tech neck”
  • Get tips and tools from the experts

Catch my kick-off video here.

During the series, you’ll get 4 brief videos per week with a round-up of resources each Friday. All the videos will be posted on our YouTube channel so they are easy for you to go back and watch anytime, or share with other concerned friends and family.

It is not my goal to add more fear to this already turbulent time.

But I do believe it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to help our kids and ourselves get through this season of screen saturation as successfully as possible.

You can’t ignore this problem this fall. We have to step up and give our kids the best shot at a beneficial school year now, and a healthy brain and life in the future.

Watch the quick kick-off video here. I hope you’ll join me!

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