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How Tech Drives Anxiety

Hi [FIRSTNAME],Unless you watch only cat videos and Bob Ross for entertainment, (and skip out on social media and news altogether), there’s a high probability that the content you’re exposed to via technology is driving stress/anxiety in your body and brain.

…and your kid’s body and brain!

Find out how it works in today’s video.

Modern technology can be used for so many good things – video calling grandparents, researchers collaborating on innovations, causes getting noticed and funded, and anyone can learn anything.

But to all the good, there can be a dark side.

Social media presents perfect lives that we compare ourselves to.

News outlets can sow fear and dissension.

Video games often involve killing, law breaking, or intense action.

Entertainment is often intense, violent, and dark, so much so that many of us are desensitized to seeing a dead body or criminal behavior, because we see it on screen all the time.

We get so much exposure to these negative stimuli, that it can affect the shape and functions of our brains.

And most importantly, our kids’ developing brains.

If that wasn’t enough, all of this is packaged inside these bright boxes that rev up our lower brain centers (anger, hunger, sex), and dampen our higher brain functions (discernment, emotional management).

The result?

Constant low-level stress in the body, which can balloon into anxiety disorders, which are rising sharply.

Do stress/anxiety affect you or your family?

Learn how it all works and what to watch out for in today’s video.

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