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Go Outside To Boost Your Immune System

Happy Friday!

Between the warm sun, and getting to see more and more of you as things open back up, it has been a great week here at the office. We’ll be finishing up our webinar series on immune health next week, but today’s episode is all about getting outside.

The simple act of being exposed to fresh, non-curated air stimulates the immune system in powerful ways.

But how long do you have to be outside to get these positive effects? (Spoiler alert: It’s not that long.)

Find out how long you should be outside in today’s 4 minute video:

It’s been a beautiful few weeks, but now with the heat coming on, I want to remind you that there are lots of easy ways to still get exposed to fresh air.

Here are some ideas:

  • Take shorter but more frequent walks, always take water, and stop frequently to rest and hydrate
  • Do some of your morning or evening stretches on the patio
  • Step outside briefly to eat your afternoon snack
  • Drive with the windows down whenever you can
  • Make calls while strolling around the yard
  • For a quick break from work, take one lap around the building or to your car and back
  • Take your lunch break in your car with the windows down

How will you squeeze some fresh air into your schedule?

Next time you’re in, I just might ask you how you’ve been getting outside, so have a great summer weekend!

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