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A Realistic Approach to a Tech-Filled Life

Thanks for joining us for our Digital Dementia Web Series so far – it’s really been a hit!

Last week we wrapped up the first half of the series, on the science behind digital dementia.

This week, we’re transitioning into the practical side of things, looking at how we can mitigate the negative side effects of a tech-filled life.

The most obvious strategy is, of course, just don’t use technology.

However, I don’t believe that’s realistic.

At all.

Our lives are too intertwined. We are fully saturated in:

  • tech-driven communication
  • screen-based entertainment
  • IoT (the internet of things – your smart doorbell for example)
  • work and school are all based in technology (especially now)

And you know, that’s not all bad – there are some amazing, wonderful innovations that tech has brought to our lives.

But, what do we do about the aspects that ARE bad?

I’ll share my first basic strategy with you in today’s 3-minute video.

Be sure to tune in throughout the week to catch more *practical* tips and strategies to living with technology.

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